"I just wanted to give Kudos and a recommendation for All About You physical therapy.  Lisa is undoubtedly, the most talented, caring and concerned PT I have ever dealt with. She was a LIFESAVER, as I had Rotator Cuff Repair on my left shoulder, 80% tear and the rehabilitation was quite challenging and enduring mentally and physically. Initially I did have to go to PT at a health care facility and my Dr. wanted me to go 3x a week, well after 3 weeks my insurance of course cuts me to 2x a week...go figure. Anyhow, I hired Lisa on my own and out of pocket once a week and it was way worth it!!! She helped me tremendously and I actually got more from her the once a week then I did the twice a week at the health care facility, more relief, tips and just general overall help in dealing with my everyday routine towards recovery. She is excellent and I highly recommend her. She is most definitely very unique and rare in her field in the best way possible.  :)

--Tina B., Cape Canaveral, FL

"Lisa worked with me on some pretty tough hip, glute and back issues that I had been dealing with for a couple of years. I had been to three physical therapists prior to Lisa with no success. Lisa thinks outside of the box and looked at my personal situation. I was valued as a person, not just ‘a number’ or ‘a condition.’ I have and will continue to recommend Lisa to my friends. She goes above and beyond. Lisa’s ability to zero in on precisely the causes of my pain was amazing. My experience with Lisa was absolutely wonderful. Thank you Lisa for all of your help!!!:"
--Karen D., Merritt Island, FL

"I have seen physical therapists for years due to severe health issues. Lisa is by far the best! Her dedication to patients, compassion, willingness to explore varies methods of treatment to best serve her patients is second to none. She is phenomenal and this is the first review for anyone I have ever written! She is absolutely goal oriented toward individualized treatment with improved quality of life for everyone she treats!"

--Linda R., Cocoa Beach, FL

"Lisa worked wonders for my knee! After a partial replacement and 15 therapy sessions at an office, Lisa came to my house and worked with me for only 4 sessions and my leg is stronger, straight, and pain-free, and I am able to resume my normal activities again! Her approach of using different modalities to get my knee where it needed to be was just what I needed to get back on track. I can't say enough great things about her! So happy to have met her!"

--Tracy, Merritt Island, FL

"I was living with a stabbing back pain for the past year (plus) and after several Dr appts and MRIs, it was determined I needed some surgery on my hip labrum. I was so sure my pain would go away - however after 5 months post surgery, the pain was back just as before. Lisa was recommended to me by a friend and she has been a Godsend!!! After our first visit, I got relief from the pain and was so excited!!! I am not totally pain free and may never be, but my pain level is more manageable now. Lisa is very thorough with her evaluations and with the exercises she has given me to do, I look forward to resuming my active lifestyle!!!

--Debbie, Merritt Island, FL

"I have a long history of back and neck issues plus I travel quite frequently, meeting Lisa has been a lifesaver! She is detailed in her diagnosis and directions on exercises to do after she provides therapy to whatever is ailing you. I highly recommend her! She also provides a unique service by coming to you and makes physical therapy more accessible than what is the normal route of going thru insurance referrals and all that hassle!"

--Jen H., Rockledge, FL

"Another injury, another visit with the most talented physical therapist in Brevard. This years sports interruptus was due to a hamstring injury just weeks before a 1/2 marathon. Panic rapidly dissipated once Lisa was able to get 5k out of my injured knee after the first treatment and 10k after the second treatment! Not only did she come to my home for inhouse therapy sessions, she also patiently explained the potential cause of the injury, what the problem was, how she was fixing it and what excercises would help prevent injuries in the future. 
I am so grateful that she has a keen interest in sports related issues and years of experience of getting people back to their activities."

--Tracy S., Cocoa Beach FL

"Lisa from All About You PT is excellent! On my initial call, Lisa was extremely helpful and explained what she could do for my recent ankle injury.  We made an appointment for the next day, she showed up on time as scheduled. Her exam was very thorough, even more thorough than the exam I had with a recent MD for the same ankle.
After two sessions, I see immediate improvement, and I'm confident that I will improve as I implement the program Lisa has outlined for me.  She is extremely thorough, caring, and skilled. Most importantly she is more concerned about your ultimate successful outcome, then anything else. She wasn't looking at a clock and heading to the next patient. We were done, when Lisa felt we accomplished our goal for that day. Very refreshing in today's medical world. 
I think she is tops in her field. That is coming from someone who had major shoulder surgery on each shoulder, each requiring several months of PT when I lived in New York. Now here in Fl. Lisa will be my "Go To Person" for anything PT!!
Highly recommend her, you will not be sorry!"

--Bud B., Stanfordville, NY

"I had terrible pain in both knees for several months.  Lisa with All About You Physical Therapy used hands on techniques to decrease the pain and showed me stretches and exercises to do on my own. Thanks to Lisa's skilled and compassionate care, my knees are feeling much better after just 3 visits! I would recommend AAYPT and Lisa to anyone in pain.

--Tara, Port St. John, FL

"Absolutely the best money I've ever spent. I just can't say enough wonderful things about your service and you. My quality of life improved tremendously from my first treatment and life is wonderful without pain. Thank you so much."
--Donna L., Cape Canaveral, FL


"I highly recommend Lisa to anyone dealing with any sort of injury! I am a dancer and a tumbler and when I first came to see her, I was unable to put any weight on my wrist. In just four visits with her, along with her skillful, progress Ive week by week exercises, I am able to be flipping around again! She is very smart and is extremely dedicated to your healing!"

--Joey T., Disney Cruise Lines


Specializing in Orthopedic and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

"THANK YOU Lisa Sitek for helping me make it through Ironman Maryland [2015]! Thanks for helping me through shoulder injury and pf [plantar fasciitis] to complete my IM pain free!! (Okay, so I did walk funny for two days after!) Let's see how I hold up through 2 marathons before end of the year!"  

--Christy, Cocoa, FL

Here's what our patients have to say about our services . . .

"When I first went to Lisa, my back and neck were chronically sore. I had trouble turning my head when driving (for lane changes). After 4 sessions with her I felt 1000% better. Yes 1000%. She evaluated my trouble spots and showed me how to stretch and exercise to make those pain centers go away. Her manipulations were gentle and soothing. I never felt rushed. She took as much time as I needed. I now drive with ease. I sit and stand comfortably. She truly is my angel.

--Jeannette, Cocoa Beach, FL

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"After I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, Lisa taught me several simple exercises which have made a big difference in my mobility. Lisa is a truly caring professional who will first take time to understand your unique condition and then custom design the most effective therapy just for you. Her physical therapy knowledge is extensive and her heartfelt desire to help others is obvious. Lisa is devoted to always providing her clients with the very best treatments so they can live healthy and active lives."

--Michelle, Melbourne, FL

"As long time sufferer from a whiplash injury, only very temporary relief could be found from chiropractor adjustments and message therapy sessions. It wasn't until I discovered All About You physical therapy that I was able to find a solution which not only provided immediate relief, but also provided future relief through simple exercises. Lisa gave me the tools I need to prevent suffering which is aggravated by my daily work routine. All About You physical therapy has improved my quality of living and given me back days of my life which were previously lost due to downtime caused by this injury."

--Tracy, Cocoa Beach, FL